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A Personal, Professional Gift for Staff

April 21, 2011

administrative staff

Wednesday, April 27 is Administrative Professionals Day (sometimes still informally termed Secretaries Day) in many countries of the world. This is the one day each year set aside to acknowledge the loyalty, dedication, hard work, and professionalism of the office workers who keep a business running efficiently day in and day out:the administrative assistants, secretaries, receptionists, and other administrative support staff.

The perennial question is, in what way can they be most appropriately thanked and honored on this day? Because many gifts are either impersonal or, if overly personal, might be considered unprofessional coming from a boss, making an appropriate choice can be difficult. How many times will an administrative professional feel special when presented, yet again, with a mug, flowers, or nice lunch?

Let the key administrative staff members in your business know how much you really value them with a thoughtful professional gift that will leave a lasting impression: a personalized box of chocolates from

Here are a few ideas for creating such a gift:

  • If you know the person’s taste in chocolate, keep it in mind when selecting the assortment to include in the box.
  • Choose an attractive box suitable for display in the office or home.
  • Customize the lid of the box with an image. This option is available for every box in our Natural and Deluxe collections, as well as the Chameleon box. For a corporate gift, the company logo is often a good choice, though you could upload any image of your choice, or select one from our image library. If you upload an image, it is automatically saved to your account in case you ever wish to use it for another purchase.
  • Wrap the gift for a more elegant presentation. The satin ribbon wrapped around our handmade gift paper in gold, silver or black is held in place with a wax seal bearing the logo—or if you have a seal of your own, such as a company logo, you can use that (we recommend not using our white Love wrapping for this occasion unless you have your own seal, since the default seal is a heart).
  • Have a message engraved in a graceful script on a brass plate affixed to the box. The message can be anything up to 25 characters, including, of course, the individual’s name, a wonderful way of emphasizing, “yes, it’s meant for you”.
  • Include a sincere thank-you or other appreciative note on the gift card, even something as simple as: “Thank you for your dedication”, “To our office hero”, or “We’d be lost without you”.

If you will be purchasing several gifts from us, our downloadable Excel order form can simplify ordering—just follow the instructions on the form. Also, consider setting up a VIP account. For a one-time fee, you will receive 15% off all orders, in addition to several other membership benefits.

Whatever you decide is most appropriate, please remember to acknowledge your office professionals in some way on their day.

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